Pur' Jean-François Rouquette - Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris

Chef Jean-François Rouquette

Chef Jean-Francois Rouquette - Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris

Jean-François Rouquette chooses to work with producers who share his philosophy and go along with his approach towards excellence.

With sharing and transmission as goals, the Chef succeeded to create an authentic and contemporary cuisine, just like Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme’s brand image.

Located between Opéra Garnier and Place Vendôme, Pur’ - Jean-François Rouquette’s restaurant shows a real ballet in the hall and the kitchen. Michelin starred restaurant with 4 Gault & Millau toques, it was one of the first Parisian establishments to offer a completely open kitchen for a sincere, human and fine-dining meeting.

The private culinary world of Jean-François Rouquette is inspired by nature, the seasons and the people that he met. This is the result of 35 years of experience and the fruit of his trip diaries, in the manner of abalones from Plouguerneau – his signature dish – slowly candied in spring, or cooked as a red wine stew in winter.

Initially as a roaster, Jean-François Rouquette carries us in his childhood spent in the restaurant of his parents from Aveyron; it was from the aromas of his mother’s kitchen that his feel of tasteful dishes was born. Today he offers a tasty and refined market cuisine, based on fresh seasonal products, giving pride of place to local producers.


The Team

United by the same passion, the same desire to please and to transmit emotions through the kitchen, the entire team of Pur’ – Jean-François Rouquette, accompanies you to an experience both culinary and human. 

Chef Ai - Pur' Jean-François Rouquette - Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris

Ai Okabayashi - Chef's Assistant

Native of Japan, and more particularly of Kochi in the south of the country, Ai Okabaysahi, brilliant university and travel lover, lays down her suitcases in France twenty years ago. This passionate of contemporary art, pottery and Japanese crafts came with her traditions, techniques and her precision to put them at the service of the refined and intuitive French cuisine. It is in the kitchens of La Cantine des gourmets that the meeting with Chef Jean-François Rouquette took place: he saw the arrival of the one who will become his right arm, in which he immediately recognizes a desire to succeed with the kitchen and to boil the pots in Parisian kitchens. For 15 years it's a real alchemy that binds the two Chefs creating an creative environment. Main companion of Jean-François Rouquette, nothing passes through the head of the Chef without it set to music by the hands of Ai. Following the recommendations of the latter, she is always there to finish developing a dish, a recipe, a sauce ... If you meet Jean-François Rouquette, you will see Ai Okabayashi, discreet, growing in her bossom.

Pastry Chef Jimmy Mornet - Pur' Jean-François Rouquette - Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris

Jimmy Mornet - Pastry Chef

Jimmy Mornet is now helming gourmet creations at Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme.

Part of the gastronomy world from a very early age, Jimmy Mornet got his first traineeship at Pâtisserie Renaud, a well-known family address in Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie where he is from.

When his training was completed, he earned his stripes in the kitchens of the most famous French pastry chefs.

In April 2016, after several instructive experiences in some prestige houses, Jimmy Mornet succeeded Fabien Berteau as the new Pastry Chef of Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme.

Cyril Bruneau - Pur' Jean-François Rouquette - Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris

Cyril Bruneau - Restaurant Manager

Cyril Bruneau has fell in love with fine dining and high-quality products for as long as he can remember, which naturally drove him towards the top starred restaurants in France and in the United Kingdom, including the Ritz Hotel and Bristol Hotel restaurants, where he learned that strictness and precision are two sine-qua-nons for a Palace. Cyril is thus considered as a keen and caring host when welcoming Pur’s customers. Fond of good products, Cyril knows everything about them as well; he is the perfect intermediary between the Chef and his customers.

Over his many years of experience, Cyril has never stopped sharing advice and transmitting the art of French hospitality to people around him, to meet as many customer demands as possible, and to treat them with unique and unforgettable meals. Being thoughtful and unobtrusive, laid-back yet professional, and meticulous, Cyril wants to ensure that a personalized and unique service is provided when welcoming customers for that they can have the most memorable culinary experience at Pur’ restaurant.

James Barnett - Pur' Jean-François Rouquette - Michelin Star Restaurant in Paris

James Barnett - Sommelier

Native of California, near San Francisco James is already passionate about fine dining and has been working in restaurants alongside his studies since high school. After studying French and History at the University of Washington in Seattle, he began training as a bartender and joined the W in San Francisco as a clerk than as a Barman. He then passed his first level of certification in Sommellerie and joined the Sons & Daughters, a 1-Michelin starred restaurant in San Francisco where he moved up to the position of sommelier. After an experience at The Slanted Door restaurant, still in San Francisco, James flew to France and joined Ducasse's teams at Versailles in the Ore. It is in May 2017 that James joins the Pur '- Jean-François Rouquette restaurant and evolves quickly to the position of Supervisor of the Sommellerie. James appreciate the influence of South America and Asia in Chef Jean-François Rouquette’s kitchen which is typically French. These foreign prints in the restaurant, allows him to a great freedom in the choice of wines and proposals that he can make, in order to offer you the best wine from each country.